Day 121 – Playing cups with your dog

According to my research to be a good dog owner you should exercise your dog physically and mentally. Although I do regularly try to talk to Max about the meaning of life and why we are here, he seems to want more. I therefore tried to teach Max to shut a door. He learned this right away but he now won’t go near a door if I am there because he is scared of the sound = fail.

I therefore decided to play cups with Max like people do in the ghetto for money. But instead of money we used dog treats.

Max has learned to hit the cup with the treat in it. I have learnt that I have too much time on my hands.

Tomorrow I will teach Max to drive.

Maltese, dog tricks

Three cups, one treat. Which should I go for?

Maltese playing cups, dog tricks

Maybe if I bend down and act like I have no body my owner will stop playing this game…


Maltese sleeping, dog tricks

Max mentally exhausted. Aisha also lying down on the ground mentally exhausted.





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