Day 120 – Giving Jermaine Dupri a high five in Vancouver

I watched Jermaine Dupri DJ in Vancouver yesterday. I saw a girl go up to the booth and give him a high five. It seemed easy enough so I thought I should follow suit. I was scared but I crept up to the DJ booth in slow motion (like a young lioness hunting her prey in the Serengeti). I waited for the perfect time and raised my hand up high and smiled ecstatically to show Jermaine Dupri I am non threatening. He did not see and I was left hanging with his entourage in the background looking at me. I quickly put my hand down as if nothing had happened. I was considering whether to duck down to the ground and crawl away, but then he looked up, smiled and gave me a high five. Jermaine Dupri – I thank you for reciprocating and maintaining my faith in life. You are a good man. Thank you for playing TI – Ball.

Jermain Dupri DJing, Vancouver


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