Day 99 – Breaking my closet

Today I was shuffling around stressed, trying to clean my apartment, trying to work, trying to think, trying to relax, trying to try, trying anything like a mad woman. Then after 5 years of living in my apartment (and by 5 I mean 3) I broke my closet (the other closet broke a week ago when I was in the same stressed state). And by broke I mean somehow made it come off its hinges despite the fact I barely touched it and have the strength of an unconscious gazelle in the Serengeti. I then tried to get in the closet to fix it, where I pulled a muscle in my knee (I already hurt the other knee yesterday). This led me to be paralyzed in my broken closet screaming words that rhyme with “truck all the closets in the world” and “I give up arghhhhh”.

I ended up in physio and decided to quit life and let go attachment to all outcomes and goals.

So today I:

1) Ate chocolate for every meal.

2) I didn’t run any errands or meet up with anyone even though I had a billion things to do and instead laid out in the sun like a zebra that had just been shot by a dart gun. (Well that’s what I wanted to do but couldn’t because of my knee, so I sat on a chair).

3) I got a shoppers optimum card (this just makes sense you can get so many points, and they really do add up).

I think the universe is trying to tell me to calm the hell down and let go. So that is what I am going to do. Universe 1 Aisha 0. You win. I salute you. I give up and ironically I am extremely happy and calm now. You go girl.

My broken cupboard, heart and knees. The picture is crooked but I don’t care because I give up.

Knee icers

My new icing cups for my knees. They can also double as a cocktail holder if the occasion calls.

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