Day 189 – Today I am grateful for being punched in the face

I was at a super humid, super awesome kick boxing class in Vancouver sparring with a girl who had to try and hit me in my face, and I had to block it.

I wasn’t able to block 50% of the punches , but the girl kindly didn’t hit me. My instructor then came up to us, and said “hit her”.

We giggled assuming he was joking but then he said “no, really, hit her if she can’t block it”. We looked at him confused and he said “Aisha if you get hit once, you will try to NEVER EVER let it happen again, and you will block better. If you don’t get hit, you won’t learn to block. All the best fighters have been hit before.”

I then thought this is the same as life. If you never get “hit” in life, you would never develop the skills to not get hit anymore. Because until you are hit you will never know what this feels like. Also some of us try to go through life trying to never get hit which doesn’t work either because there will always be challenges in life, no matter what.

Being hit can be anything like being dwindled for money, being taken advantage of by a friend, being undervalued, being sworn at by a guy driving really slowly in front of you, being tricked, having your phone stolen, having a boss that doesn’t respect you etc. Anything that doesn’t serve you.

In summary, if you see an Indian girl walking around with a black eye, you better know that she will try to never ever let it happen again.



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