Day 187 – Today I am grateful that we are put on earth for a purpose

What is your mission

I was listening to this speech by The Secret speaker Lisa Nichols (who also runs a camp to prevent teen suicide in LA), and she said something amazing.

She said:

  • You are given a gift to do something on earth, and when you feel a lack of motivation to do your passion, remember you need to do it, because people are waiting for it. It is to help others.
  • If you feel like you are walking alone in doing something pretty big that can change the world, and you feel strange, it’s probably because you were the only one that was given that gift.
  • If your dream takes a lot of work, remember you are planting seeds. Those hard-ass-late-night years will eventually grow into something huge. Sometimes you need to be patient. Goals without action are just dreams.

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