Day 182 – Finding out How to Punch Fear in the Face

Sabre Tooth TIGER

Apparently everyone is scared shitless of everything. We call this fear. But it’s just the way people react to it that makes us different.

For example in prehistoric times if you were being chased by a hairy sabre tooth lion and reacted to fear in a positive way, you would most likely sprint away from the lion, or hit it with some sorta foul smelling dinosaur tooth.

I on the other hand, would stand still, offer the lion a rustic salt and pepper shaker (I hand made), and a George Foreman Grill,  (so that it doesn’t put on too much weight when it eats me as I have put on a few extra Summer pounds).

I was listening to this awesome podcast by Tim Ferriss author of the 4 hour body. And he was talking about how he is afraid of everything, but you can either run from fear, or take action. For example, he couldn’t cook. So he took action to learn how to cook in the most efficient way by modeling the top experts in the field. He also said that he was the worst basketball player ever, and his coach at school would make fun of him. He then realized that everyone learns differently, and he always had to find the right approach for him to learn things.

I realize it’s the things you are the most afraid of in life, that you are meant to work on. Those things you are putting off because you are scared…shitless.

That’s why i’m now trying to do the things that scare me the most first, because the other shit can wait till later. And that way I am not dreading the lion. Instead I am going to his house, getting him drunk, and taking him to a bar.

And the shit I am scared of is really weird such as: writing in my new website, cooking etc.

Fuck you lion. Shit dun changed. (I am sure I will bump into you again though. Probably tomorrow…)

(PS. Let me know if you want a link to the podcast. Pretty freakin cool!)




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