Day 174 – Today I am grateful for no longer being a hoarder of emergency ponchos

Clutter Busting Brooks Palmer

I was cleaning out my room the other day and found two unopened, bright orange emergency ponchos I had stocked in my drawer since I was 21 (incase of an emergency). Considering they never left my drawer the emergency would have to be rain falling through the roof of my house.

This is when I realized there was an emergency: I was a hoarder of emergency ponchos.

I ran to my nearest bookstore (my Dad’s Kobo) and downloaded a book about clutter. Because let’s get serious here – I was in no mood to clean.

I bought Clutter Busting by Brooks Palmer and oh my was I in for a treat.

I learned the following:

  • Hanging onto things is a way to avoid change.
  • Things do not make you happy.
  • Things don’t mean anything. You attach meaning to them.
  • Nostalgia becomes a way to avoid resolving the past.
  • Beware whether you are holding onto photos to relive the past or honour a memory.
  • If you hang onto things you don’t need, you will feel your life is staying the same.
  • Look at the clutter that scares you the most because this is the stuff you need to let go of the most urgently. Therefore if you remove clutter, you allow your life to change.
  • When you let go of something, you create a vacuum for something new.

And badda bing badda boom, the ponchos were gone that day. As I created a vaccum, they were replaced by a nice, pink, polka dot umbrella that I bought instead…which broke…before the first use….which I am yet to throw out…as I can’t believe it broke….

But seriously, great book. It has totally changed the way I look at things now, and love letting go of stuff I don’t need. Thank you Brooks Palmer.


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