Day 171 – Today I am grateful for being my authentic self

be yourself quote

Interviewers always start off by asking me how I am. I usually say I am fantastic but really inside I am having a panic attack and want to crap my pants and make away with their laptop. (Just to be clear not to steal, but just to make a diversion because I have crapped my pants; I would obviously mail the laptop back to them later).

I asked my friend, Zumba enthusiast, and human resources hiring specialist “C-money” or Christine what she looks for in an applicant when she is interviewing them. She said she knew whether she wanted to employ people in 5 minutes of meeting them because she already knew their work history; she just wanted to know if their personality was a fit for the job.

I then thought to myself huh, maybe I haven’t been getting jobs because interviewers don’t want to hire someone who looks like they are going to crap their pants and steal their laptop.

She then gave me the best, most shocking advice anyone had ever given me for an interview: to be myself. Be myself I thought…I asked her why I would possibly do that. And she said because I am a good person and that will come through if I am being myself. (I am paraphrasing here for effect).

So low and behold, I went to my interview the next day, and I did something I had never done before; I was myself. And for the first time in my entire life, I wasn’t nervous at all. It was the best interview I have ever had even though there were some really tough questions and I actually really enjoyed it.

The result? I got the damn job in a field that I freakin’ love. And it was SO EASY and FUN. It then made me think how easily everything flows when I am being my authentic self.

Thanks to C-money and Jess for the interview advice. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Day 171 – Today I am grateful for being my authentic self

  1. congrats!!! thats fabulous!

    btw: i love the word fabulous…fab for those of us in a hurry. fantastic is pretty fabulous too.

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