Day 164 – Today I am grateful for taking a chance

Yesterday I took off my fave necklace in the entire world. The necklace which took 10 years to find. The necklace that I got in a tiny store at a Seattle airport. The necklace that I could never replace. I placed it delicately on a Kleenex after cleaning it (with baking soda and vinegar – ps. the best cleaning solution in the world), and proceeded to clean my apartment. After an hour of cleaning and dumping garbage in a black bag, I went to grab my necklace and realized I had thrown it away.

cartlon upset fresh prince belair

I thought there is no way in hell I would ever find it again, because it is a super thin necklace and the garbage bag was filled with a host of disgusting things. But to my immense surprise I found it in 10 seconds. What were the chances?

carlton dancing, fresh prince belair

I then thought how many things in life would I gain if I just took a chance. For example in the past I didn’t apply to a lot of jobs because I didn’t think I would get them but what if I took the chance, and actually got one of them? Because isn’t it true, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take?


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