Day 159 – Today I am grateful for dancing

shit girls say image

Dancing used to scare the bajeezas out of me. When my friends would drag me to the dance floor in classic Shit Girls Say style and say “OMG. I love this song. We have to go dance” I would go to the dance floor in horror thinking “really, do we?” and would try and create a diversion so I could leave.

But the weird thing was I sorta wanted to dance deep, deep inside. Me and Max would dance at home to Enrique Eglasias – Rhythm Divine all the time. I just hated dancing in front of people.

I therefore tried to confront my crippling fear by taking dance classes. And what’s more scarey than taking Bachata classes. (Similar to salsa) Because if you mess up here, it affects your partner too. Double pressure!

Here is what I learned:

If you try too hard to figure out what direction you are being moved in, you step on the persons shoes

If you try and predict what the other person is doing, you will go the wrong way and hurt your self

If you look at the ground, the person will say “No, look in my eyes” and things get even more awkward

So in conclusion dancing is like paddle boarding. If you resist or try too hard you will end up getting physically hurt. BAM

I FREAKING LOVE dancing now. Mostly because I now find it unbelievably hilarious.

Thanks to my awesome Bachata teacher!


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