Day 157 – Today I am grateful for the man who swore at me

Man swearing

I was driving to my home behind a white Mercedes that was driving about 20km/hr. I assumed it was a tiny, 90 yr old man that was lost so I was patient and followed a far distance behind slowly until he pulled up blocking my driveway. I, being the good citizen that I am, stopped and looked into the car to see if the person was lost and needed help, and a young man with slicked back hair threw up his middle finger at me.

Shocked, as I’ve never been sworn at, I went about my day, trying to let it go, but I visualized bumping into him so I could ask him why he was so angry especially as I didn’t do anything wrong.

Later that night I was at a bar for my friend Claire’s birthday. I was in the line up for the washroom (that is coed), and the man in front of me, clinked our glasses together and this is how our conversation went…

Man being flirty “Are you having fun?”

Me “Do you drive a white Mercedes?”

Man looks excited and thinks I spotted him driving outside club and want to date him “Yes! How did you know?”

Me “You swore at me today”

Man’s entire face drops “I am so sorry. I am a douche bag”

Me “But why did you do it. I don’t understand what I did wrong”

Man looks horrified “I am so sorry. Do you want to go in front of me in the line up”

Me “No thanks. I just want to know what happened”

Man still horrified “I am sorry. I am a douche bag”

The chances of us being at the same bar at the same time right beside each other at a coed washroom (really how many coed washrooms are there???) is amazing. Thank you to whoever is up there that hooked this up for me. And thanks to whoever you are for apologizing to me.


2 thoughts on “Day 157 – Today I am grateful for the man who swore at me

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