Day 155 – Today I am grateful for what I learned from motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein in Vancouver

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My friend Jenn and I bought tickets to see speaker Gabrielle Bernstein. She is an ex drug addict who worked in PR who decided to turn her life around in her twenties when she hit rock bottom. She is now a motivational speaker who has been featured on Oprah and I absolutely love her work.

This is what I learned:

  • When things in your life are uncomfortable, they are being brought up so they can be healed. Things in life don’t always go perfectly. There are ups and downs, and if you don’t learn from the downs and deal with your feelings, they most likely will reoccur in every facet of your life until you are forced to deal with them.
  • If you ignore your true feelings. You are going to feel blocked. For example if you stay in a job you hate, and ignore your feelings despite the fact you know you need to leave or change the situation, you are most likely not going to feel like you are thriving, in the zone, free etc.
  • Focus on what you are saying to yourself. Imagine you are another person looking at yourself. How would you speak to your self? Would you call yourself stupid, fat, unable to achieve anything, a failure etc.? Sometimes the things we say to ourselves are completely horrendous and we would hopefully never talk to someone else like that. When you are having one of those moments, try to be a non-judgmental figure who is looking at yourself from across the street and look at who you are and see how fear runs your life. (Read her book to see how to change the fear to love ;))

Her book May Cause Miracles is probably the most life changing book I have ever read! Good thing we got a free copy at the event 😉 Thanks Gabrielle! Pls. come back to Vancouver soon! You changed my life! You can check out her free Podcasts here.


4 thoughts on “Day 155 – Today I am grateful for what I learned from motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein in Vancouver

  1. Do you get a cut if I buy the book? You are doing some mad PR for this woman. And for Oprah. Not that they don’t deserve it.

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