Day 153 – Today I am grateful for seeing Oprah live

Oprah Vancouver Rogers Arena

Today I am super grateful for seeing Oprah live for a gazillion dollars in Vancouver, BC.

Here is a main summary of what I learned for free ;p:

The universe speaks to you all the time. At first it’s in whispers, then in pebbles, then in rocks, then in a hurricane, then your whole wall comes crashing down. ie. if you don’t listen to your self, shits gonna go down. You know that voice you sometimes hear, but ignore, that’s the universe. You might have experienced a major wall crash when you didn’t listen to yourself the first 100 times. I know I definitely have. And if you don’t learn from your experience, the same thing will happen over and over until you do. Thankfully I have many helmets, and packs of Gatorade.

The highest expression in life is to be yourself. If you are being anything but your genuine self, things will feel wrong. You will feel off, physically sick, like you are emotionally dying. When you are your true self, things flow, you feel like you are in the zone, everything seems like it’s going right.

We are given the gift of fear, but rarely use it. We are the only animals that will perceive fear but go right into it. (Eg. You hear a sound in your basement, then go check it out. Dogs hear a noise and run away from it). Have you ever had a time when you knew you shouldn’t be somewhere or do something but ignored your feelings and did it anyways leading to a bad result? I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about!

Everything that happens in your life is to grow you into who you need to be. When bad shit happens, and it will, think about the lesson you learned from it. When good shit happens, be grateful.

If you aren’t sure whether something you are doing is right or wrong, state your intention before doing it. Eg. Should I write? I write because it changes peoples’ states and makes them happy, in turn making me happy – BAM this is a good decision.

BRAP BRAP BRAP. Oprah you are one smart lady. Please come back to Vancouver.



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