Day 147 – Today I am grateful for seeing a shooting star

Shooting star, vancouver

Due to my range of emotions, I couldn’t get a picture quickly enough. This is what it looked like.

I stayed at my Dad’s house this weekend as we were going to a family reunion on my mum’s family’s side. To cut a long story short:

1) Max thinks my Dad’s house is a urinal

2) Max peed on a duvet thinking it was a giant pee pad

3) I drove the duvet to the dry cleaners

4) Max timed his pee correctly with the universe and hence I managed to see my first ever shooting star on the way to the dry cleaners (that ended up being closed). It was a crazy blue/green colour. At first I thought it was a plane crashing, and started panicking. But then I thought it was crappy firework, and got angry. But then I realized it was a shooting star, and felt really happy.

I’m not sure whether I should thank Max for peeing or talk to him about it. All I know is I feel like singing this song…


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