Day 138 – Today I am grateful for Marilyn Manson in Vancouver at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

“There’s blood everywhere” the Butcher Babies screamed, one of them looking me dead in the eye. I gave her an awkward head nod, and sang back as if agreeing: “there’s blood everywhere.” (Thankfully there wasn’t, but who was I to tell them?) I was at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and the Butcher Babies were the opening act for my main man, Marilyn Manson. I had never really known much Manson music, but he intrigued me. I loved the fact he was smart, I loved the fact that he was different, and I loved the fact he had fake ta tas. I wanted to see what magnetized people to him. I wanted to know what made him click. And therefore I accidentally bought mosh pit tickets to his concert. (I thought we would be sitting in the Orchestra area with fancy schmancy seats, far from any head banging).

Marilyn played a really sweet show, and we were super near the front (however we were a little to the left so we missed the numerous items that were thrown into the audience including: a birthday cake, spit, a mic, a rag, more spit, beer, more spit, and more spit).

Highlights of my night

  • When Marilyn performed and danced to my new fave new song slo-mo-tion.
  • When I was thinking, man wouldn’t it be cool if the drummer of Marilyn Manson’s band could teach me how to drum. (Think Homer Simpson thought bubble). And if he did teach me, would he be polite and nice despite his goth exterior? Would we become friends? Meanwhile the show had reached the end and I saw a stick hurling towards me. I reached out my hand and BAM, I CAUGHT JASON SUTTER’S DRUMMING STICK THAT HE WAS USING DURING THE CONCERT! HOLY CRAPOLA!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER.

Jason Sutter's drum stick, Marilyn Manson's drummer, Chris Cornell's Drummer

Marilyn Manson – You really are a cool person, and you make me want to be a better person. Thanks for everything. Please come back soon.

Butcher Babies Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Butcher Babies

Marilyn Manson Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth Theatre


Marilyn Manson, Vancouver

Marilyn going for the MJ look


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