Day 137 – Getting over my addiction

Addiction Image

It’s something I never wanted to admit, but I feel it’s time. I remember the silent walks through dark alleys to get my fix. I remember being followed, but not caring because the product is all I cared about. I remember once I used, I never wanted to stop.

I am of course talking about LULULEMON. I realized I had a problem with Lululemon when I had been in the same outfit for a week and I dropped a glass of greens smoothie on my grey, 3/4 length zip up with thumb enclosures in the sleeve. My roommate handed me a Kleenex, and I shook my head nobley as if to say “the gods of Lululemon will absorb the greens smoothie and it will disappear”. My room mate looked at me with pitying eyes and said “Aisha, I think it’s time you changed.” And I said “Naseeb, I think you are right.” This is one of many great conversations my room mate and I have.

Lululemon I love you. Thanks for your comfortable fabrics, your staff (who follow you to your product), and the dark alleys near the store (where I park for free). I never thought I would fall for you, but I did. I can now proudly say, I am Canadian. One love.

Lululemon grey zip up, womens


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