Day 132 – Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore

Today I am grateful for Jersey Shore. It is with one misty eye (only one eye teared up), and a sniffling nose (I was eating my chilli plantain chips from the other day’s shopping trip) that I say good bye to my favourite Italians. I believe it is no coincidence that the Mayans calculated the last day of earth to be on the same day as Jersey Shore’s last episode. I, like the Mayans, love the Jersey shore because:

1) It made me feel like it was ok to wear shiny clothing with rhinestones

2) It made me realize that I wasn’t that bad of a dancer

3) It made me happy Pauly D loves hair gel as much as I do

4) I had a dream I was on Jersey Shore. Then I woke up and was super grateful I wasn’t on the Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore thanks for everything. Good luck.


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