Day 124 – Anthony Robbins – Blood pH diet for amazing energy!

anthony robbins ph diet

Today I am grateful for Anthony Robbins! My diet used to consist of white refined carbs, sugar, and coffee during university until I saw Anthony Robbins speak in Vancouver. I always thought it was normal to feel really tierd all the time, but then I heard about balancing your pH and now I feel like a 15 year old in a 19 year old’s body. You basically have to eat as much alkalizing foods as you can as it takes 20 parts alkaline to absorb 1 part acid. Pretty much anything green is alkaline (veggies, greens drinks), as well as certain fruits (really ripe bananas) and some grains. Everything else is generally acid (meat, dairy, white refined grains, sugar, smoking, alcohol etc.). Thank you Tony Robbins! I hope I meet you one day.

Check out Tony’s explanation of why you need an alkaline blood pH here:

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