Day 114 – Getting free apple headphones with Greens plus powder

Today I am grateful for greens juice. (Dehydrated vegetables you put in water). You may ask Aisha why are you grateful for greens juice? Well my friends, when you accidentally leave a bottle of greens juice in your car with the lid off and drive away like Rick Ross running away from Young Jeezy, it coats your trunk in green goo. This in turn leads you to clean your trunk and lift up the trunk panel revealing a secret passage into a world of sh*t you have lost for 5 years. I found: apple headphones, Mac lip gloss that I had bought for my sister 5 years ago but never gave it to her because I lost it (which I have decided to keep brap brap), hand sanitizer, and a bunch of paper.

Since then I have lost the hand sanitizer and the lip gloss in my apartment. But I am about 110% sure if I look in my car trunk, it will be there.

I invite you to drop a drink in your car and open the door to Narnia.

greens plus

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