Day 108 – What came first: Oatmeal or the Rain?

Recent monsoon weather in Vancouver caused me to believe that I had to stay curled up in a ball on the floor along with my dog Max. After further research I realized I can still do things in the rain. The best activity I could think of was going through a Starbucks drive thru. This would engage my body in physical activity: getting into my car, and mental activity: figuring out what a medium coffee is in Starbucks language. (Until this day I have refused to call a small coffee “tall” because really people, it isn’t that tall).

As I can’t eat about 95% of what’s on the menu at Starbucks, I ordered an oatmeal. And oh was I in for a surprise. Oatmeal is the best thing I have ever had in my life and that was the first time I tried it. And if it had never rained in Vancouver this would NEVER have happened. Yes never.

Now here is the interesting part. Yesterday evening I went to another coffee shop on Granville Street and ordered Oatmeal. I stepped outside, opened the tub, and it exploded all over my black coat. Thus I looked like I had been thrown up on by a drunk 17 year old that had a fake ID and had just left Caprice nightclub. Or worse I looked like I had thrown up on myself. Ironically the rain washed the oatmeal off my coat. Now I never thought the rain and oatmeal would have such a significant tie but I think someone out there is trying to send me a sign. Rain and oatmeal I love you.
(Anyone tried Steel Cut oats?)


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