Day 104 – DJing at a wedding!!!

The idea of djing at a wedding scares the bajeezas out of me for the following reasons:

  • The dancing part of the night is all dependent on the DJ and whether the music is good. Bad DJ = bad wedding.
  • The lights aren’t as dim as a nightclub.
  • People aren’t as drunk as in a nightclub and are therefore more likely to listen to you.
  • If you make a mistake you can’t flee or hide like you can in a nightclub because the lights aren’t dim. (At my first ever djing job (7 years ago) I tried to do last call on the mic and got a lot of feedback (screeching) from the speakers. It was so bad that everyone on the dance floor cupped their ears and ducked as if a bomb had gone off. I hid beneath the DJ booth so that no one could tell where the sound was coming from.)

Needless to say when my friend asked me to DJ at her wedding the first response I had was YES, absolutely.

AND HOW GLAD I AM I SAID YES. Everything went super well. It was super fun and I got to play my favourite song in the world: I’ve had the time of my life from the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack.

Alex and Adam congrats on your wedding. You are a super awesome, beautiful couple and I am so glad I gotta DJ at your wedding!!! WOOOOO!

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