Day 103 – Wildlife in Vancouver!

Today I am grateful for wildlife in Vancouver. The closest thing I have seen to wildlife in London was a rat swimming in the river Thames (I am assuming he was trying to swim to Europe where he could get away from the rat race in England.) After moving to Canada, I saw 6 raccoons coming towards me at the UBC, Vancouver campus in the middle of the night after coming back from a night out at The Pit. I was immensely joyful that these cuddly creatures wanted to play with us. My friend then explained to me that I should stop making I love you faces at the raccoons as they may kill us. This was my first real encounter with Vancouver wildlife and gangs. (We don’t have raccoons in England. We do have gangs).

I think it’s crazy that no matter where you are here you will see something. Yesterday I was at Ambleside beach and I saw this seal. Although this picture looks like the Lochness monster, I can assure you it is real. Hollaaaaaaa.


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