Day 95 – Creative Visualization: How to get anything you want

Creative Visualization

One day when I was confused what career path I wanted to take and wanted to leave Vancouver to live on a Pho farm (which was not too long ago), my friend Adina gave me the book Creative Visualization. It turned out to be the best book ever. Our mutual friend Oprah also agrees “creative visualization works!” You basically close your eyes and visualize what you want without having attachment to it, and BAM you get it.

The funny thing is there is nothing strange about visualizing. We do it all the time. When we fear something in the future we end up imagining what will happen and replaying it over and over and over in our mind. Sound familiar? I remember when I was 13 I had to recite a speech and I dreaded falling when I went up to the podium but could see it clearly in my mind. Sure enough I fell exactly like I visualized. So if we are imagining situations all the time anyway, why not use this power of visualization for good vs. bad?

Try it! First try it with something really small like getting a free cup of coffee. Tell me what happens! It is probably the most fun thing in the world.

A tip: If you are visualizing something very large and life changing, I usually notice it occurs when I have completely and utterly given up (no matter how much action I have put into it).


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