Day 94 – Vitamin D

Vitamin D

I take three of these a day

The other day when I was watching the children’s movie Dr Seuss The Lorax and started questioning the meaning of life and whether we will ever make our world better, I remembered that I hadn’t taken Vitamin D in two months. I never really thought about the connection between Vitamin D and mood, but according to this science experiment I feel like it really plays a huge part in me feeling like I can conquer the world vs. me watching a Cheerios ad and getting upset that Cheerios weren’t wheat free when I was growing up.

Apparently darker skinned people can’t absorb it as well as Caucasian people so if both were out in the sun chances are the darker skinned person would have absorbed less. (Probably the reason why Max is so happy. He is white).

Vitamin D I love you.

2 thoughts on “Day 94 – Vitamin D

    • I still take it in the summer because apparently u need to be barely wearing anything and have no sunglasses on to absorb it. And considering im usually in a parka wearing sunglasses even in the summer i thought its best i start again! I take about 3-4000 ius. And also when i stopped it in the summer i felt a huge difference in my mood after a couple months. So in summary if u r feeling good u r probably absorbing it :p

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