Day 93 – Vancouver, Canada

Canadian Flag

I love Canada

Today I am grateful for Vancouver, Canada. I moved to Vancouver from London when I was 16 and have been here on and off for 11 years.

Reasons I love Vancouver:

1) When you bump into people they apologize.

2) Vancouver made me realize I dressed like a douche bag. I went into a rock club and they told me the shirt I was wearing was too “gang like” and I needed to remove it or I wouldn’t be let in. This started my new phase where I dress like a skateboarder who has just come back from the beach and is going to a rock concert (and apologizes every time I am bumped into in the mosh pit).

3) Everyone is ridiculously good looking. Including the animals. I saw a beautiful skunk the other day that was walking along the seawall. That was until security guard Max tried to stop him and we both nearly got sprayed by the skunk…

4) Everyone smiles at each other even if they aren’t trying to mug you.

5) The beach is 5 mins from the mountain. The mountain is also 5 mins from the beach.

6) If you paddleboard, you will fall; however this is a universal rule.

7) Everyone is super calm and walks slowly.

8) Mixing a Canadian + British accent = me now having an Australian accent.

I love you Vancouver. Thanks for accepting me into your country. I will make you proud. I am sorry for the time I wore gold high tops. It will never happen again.

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