Day 89 – Boarding of the Paddle: Paddle Boarding

Pierce Brosnan paddle boarding

Pierce makes paddle boarding look easy.

Today I am immensely grateful for paddle boarding. I have never been before so my friend told me there would be a 5% chance I would fall in the water. I therefore went to Jericho Beach fully clothed. She then told me the likelihood maybe more and that I may not want to wear a full-body, denim outfit.

Paddle boarding taught me the following:

The ocean is like life; if you try and fight against the waves you will fall. If you try and fight falling, you will fall. When you have stood up for a while and you think “ain’t no thang baby do your thang”, you will fall. If you sing and look in the direction you want to go, you will not fall, that is until you realized you haven’t fallen, then you will fall.

This is when I realized the calculator my friend used to add up the probability of falling might have been faulty.

You may then ask, Aisha how do you stay up on the boat of life? The answer is you focus on where you want to go, you don’t look down, and you move along with the waves and where life is trying to take you. Stop fighting against the natural flow of life and you will go where you are supposed to go. And when you fall off, you get back on.

Today I thank the ocean for teaching me a lesson in the school of life. And also teaching me the many different varieties of falling off a paddle board. (There’s the forward fall, the side fall, the ‘I am just walking backwards and it happens to be off a paddle board’ fall, the ‘Oh I am going to intentionally fall so I don’t accidentally fall’ fall – the possibilities are endless.)

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