Day 87 – 80’s parties

WOWOOWOWOOo is all I can say after going back in time to Liz’s 80’s bday party. This is where Liz’s sister tattooed me. Temporary tattooed me that is.

Dogs were wearing glowing necklaces, pinatas were being hit by crazy women in blind folds, drinks were being drank by men and women in pink leotards and mustaches. All in all, this was an extremely effective party, which made me realize I can have a 1981 themed party next year followed by a 1982 party, 1983 party, 1984 party, 1985 party, 1986 party, 1988 party, etc. The options are endless. (Not an 1987 party however. That would just be wrong). This then made me realize that options in life are also endless and I can do anything I want.

Liz thank you for making me realize anything is possible and for having such a fun household. You are my honourary guest at any themed party I ever throw from now on.


80's themed party ideas

Pinata contents

Stuff that falls out of a pinata when you are in the 80’s

dog with necklace

Zoe raving



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