Day 84 – Becoming Alpha Dog (Pack leader)

Cesar Millan being the pack leader

This is now me

Max has had a large affinity towards big dogs every since he was young. On his second outing as a puppy, he strolled towards a huge, black pit bull and sniffed him. I was extremely excited by Max’s mature, calm behaviour as most little dogs are afraid of large dogs. Max then climbed onto the pit bull’s back as if he was a wooden horsey and started nibbling on his ear. Horrified, I wasn’t sure how to rip off mini Mike Tyson without starting a fight.

To my relief max fell off his victim, and the pit bull looked at me dead in the eyes as if to say, lady you cool, but yo dog ain’t, then calmly walked away.

Since that day Max has been extremely well behaved with large dogs until this past month where he has started to chase them.

I was therefore thrilled when I bumped into a dog trainer at Ambleside Beach, Vancouver who told me I have to be the Alpha dog. As I was about to leave for the nearest Zellers to buy a wolf outfit along with a walking cane and cigar (this is what Alpha dogs look like in my head) the trainer told me I have to be the Alpha dog on the inside. She then pointed to her large wolf-like dog who Max was sitting beside meditatively and said, “that is an alpha dog.”

Mike Myers Cat in the Hat

What an Alpha dog looks like in my head

Miraculously in TWO DAYS Max’s behaviour has COMPLETELY changed. I do not know this lady’s name but if I ever see her again, I want to thank her for changing my life! If you want to know how to become an Alpha dog, leave a comment 😉


6 thoughts on “Day 84 – Becoming Alpha Dog (Pack leader)

    • Basically u make max sit before he walks through every door. And I have to walk through every door first. And I shouldn’t keep his food out all day. He should only eat at meal times. In return he stares at me angrily and has stopped sitting next to me. I just think he’s trying to be ironic.

    • Max has become super obedient in the apartment but once we go to the park he now goes buck wild and runs away when I try to put his leash on. He is trying to show me I am the boss of the apartment but he’s the boss of the wild. Tips?

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