Day 83 – Iced Vietnamese Coffee

The past few weeks I have had a severe inclination towards Pho. This was surprising to me as I do not care much for food, and if I had the choice, I would drink protein smoothies for the rest of my life. (The only food I am emphatic about is Sushi. I would live on a Sushi farm if there was one.) So whilst we were eating Pho, my friend Jenn told me the MSG in Pho makes her friend tired and things became to click – Pho has MSG. This may have been why I had made up the song ‘Pho Pho Pho’ and wanted to quit my job to live on a Pho farm.

I tried to convince the waitress to make a sugar/salt mixture instead of MSG. She told me it wouldn’t taste as good. I therefore decided to quit eating Pho.

And by quit eating Pho I mean eating it once a month with a VIETNAMESE COFFEE BAM.

vietnamese iced coffee

vietnamese iced coffee

To my knowledge Vietnamese Coffee is super strong, black coffee poured over ice, BUT OH MY GOODNESS DOES IT TASTE GOOD. ADD that to some MSG Pho and you feel like you can run a mile.

Today I am grateful for Vietnamese Coffee.  If you know of any MSG FREE Pho places in Vancouver – holla at me dun.

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