Day 81 – Finding the cure to tear staining in dogs woooohoohohohoho!

People have asked me: “why are your dog’s eyes bleeding” and “why is there something wrong with your dog’s face”. WELL the answer is he had tear staining as per this photo.

Tear staining dog

This is basically when the hair near their eyes turns black and they look like quarter backs/have a tropical disease. I have been searching for two years for the cure as not only does it look bad, it can also be uncomfortable for him.
I have tried:

1) Getting his tear ducts opened (The vet did this, I didn’t)

2) Cutting the hair away

3) Wiping the area everyday with an under eye cleaning solution

4) Using Angel Eyes Natural, which is a product that contains herbs to try and get rid of the problem

None of these worked at all. Dog daycare owners told me there is nothing I would ever be able to do to get rid of the problem. Vets told me to try a bunch of other expensive methods (which I knew wouldn’t work). However, when something seems impossible, I like to try even harder. I thought if a man can fly to the moon, I can get rid of Max’s tear staining.

AND THEN I bumped into a wonderful lady at Korna pet foods in North Vancouver (best pet food store in the world) and she suggested Cranimals Gold.

Cranimals Gold to stop tear staining

In a month Max’s eyes completely cleared up, and in addition his feet, that he had dyed brown from licking, turned white too!

Dog eating cranimals

mmmm cranberries

dog with red goatee

I may not have black eyes anymore but I have a red goatee

Dog eating cranimals

I’m completely free of tear staining now bitches

Lady from pet store and Craminals Gold, you are freaking amazing!


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