Day 79 – Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Today I am grateful for Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

I ordered three of their body butters off the internet and oh was I in for a surprise. They sent me a FREE bar of soap which is freakin amazing and secondly they sent me this card with the words “You are awesome”. I was shocked that they had found out I was awesome, and was wondering if everyone knew this but then I remembered they offered free gift cards with orders and I had filled one out for myself to remind myself I am awesome. Nonetheless it was still exciting.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Card

If you are looking for a hand moisturizer that moisturizes amazingly, looks like a deodorant stick (my manager thought until last week I had been putting deodorant on my hands and arms), is not too greasy, has no nasty chemicals, and isn’t tested on animals*, here it is!

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Hand Butter

*My dog has been plotting to eat the bar since I got it. Max you won’t eat store bought dog treats but you will eat hand moisturizer. I still love you though.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co. I salute you. Do your thang playa.


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