Day 78 – Eating a wheat free diet (Pho)

Wheat Free Food Pho


After describing to my naturopath that I have been so bloated recently that I feel like I am about to give birth to an Indian baby dinosaur, she suggested I cut wheat out of my diet for 5 weeks. (I had an allergy test done that showed I was sensitive to wheat but not to the point where I have coeliac disease).

I therefore rolled up my sleeves, went to whole foods, bought $80 worth of wheat free groceries, came home, put on my apron, got in my car, and went out to a restaurant to eat Pho.

I love Pho. Pho Pho Pho.

Anyone know of any good Pho restaurants in Vancouver?





4 thoughts on “Day 78 – Eating a wheat free diet (Pho)

  1. Pho is the one soup I can eat on a hot summer day and not burst into flames.
    I have truly enjoyed reading your blog. Very humorous and witty writing!

    • Aw thank you! That means a lot to me!!
      Ha I actually went off Pho. I think it was a two day obsession for me then the weather changed and now I all I want is freezing smoothies!

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