Day 75 – Karaoke

karaoke in vancouver

My roommate and I are trying to do one thing a week that takes us out of our comfort zone. I am very comfortable not singing in public. I therefore thought it would be fitting to go to a karaoke bar.

As soon as we stepped up to the counter, the customer service representative looked me up and down and told me they don’t serve alcohol. A little confused as we hadn’t been drinking and didn’t plan to I said feebly, “urgh yes that’s fine, we just want to sing.”

She led us to room 7 while we passed 20 other private rooms with crowds of men who looked like they had been in the rooms all day.

We picked up the mics, put on the disposable mic covers, and started with our first song….

Karaoke has taught me the following:

  • Singing is freakin hard and I have sooooo much more respect for Justin Bieber now (I always thought he was great, but now I think he is even greater).
  • I have never seen waitresses deliver food so quickly to me and run out the room like a bomb was about to explode. A singing bomb if you will.
  •  You shouldn’t sing too closely or loudly into the mic or your voice sounds mumbled and you may lose your voice. (Thanks to Naseeb for telling me this after I had drowned her out for about an hour).

I FREAKING LOVE KARAOKE!!!!!!! Thanks for whoever created it.


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