Day 74 – Renting Scooters in Vancouver

Scooters in Vancouver

The scooter is inspired by the Latin word scitor, meaning to seek, to know, inquire, and ask. According to my sources scitor spelled backwards is rotics, which means to prance, dance, or to make up fake definitions.

In summary in the first 30 seconds of riding a scooter for the first time ever, I was called “useless” by a cyclist, a large bee flew into my right cheek, and I got honked at by a driver in a car.

This was then followed by the best hour ever in Granville Island where pedestrians were smiling at us and making revving actions with their hands encouraging us on.

This was then followed by the worst 30 seconds ever where I got too confident, tried to pull up and press the pedestrian walk sign button, and fell backwards in slow motion into a grass patch like a drugged gazelle in the Serengeti that fell off a scooter.

As my attitude to life is generally all or nothing, it seems fitting that my experiences with the scooter were either horrendous or amazing. This was one of the best birthday gifts my buddy Naseeb could ever get me.

If you see a girl on a scooter that is doing magnificent jump tricks and somersaults in the air followed by falling from stopping at a stop sign – it is probably me.

Scooters of Vancouver, I salute you. Please don’t hurt me.


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