Day 73 – Speed Dating

Addidas high tops

Today I am grateful for speed dating – and when I say speed dating I mean working at Starbucks – and when I say working at Starbucks I mean doing office work for my day job at Starbucks. I don’t actually work at Starbucks. Although I really should as I would save money this way. So you may ask Aisha, why is working at Starbucks like speed dating? Well the answer my friend is that I ended up having to sit on a sofa chair paired with another sofa chair as this is the only place with a power outlet for my Macbook Pro. This way every 5 minutes a new person sits next to me and I feel like I have a new friend every 5 mins despite the fact neither of us are talking. What it comes down to is that we are there for the same reason: a place to sit. And this reason connects each and every one of us. Next time you sit in a coffee shop take a minute to think about that and perhaps tell the person next to you, and smile creepily. Today I am grateful for finding a place to work in Starbucks. HOLLA


2 thoughts on “Day 73 – Speed Dating

  1. What a fantastic idea! I will be sure to tell each person who sits next to me that we are connected now! I will give the Starbucks staff a heads up when they start receiving complaints about me!

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