Day 67 – Spanish Cured Meat (Tapas)

Spanish Tapas Cured Meat Salami

Today I was outside in mild hurricane conditions in Vancouver at 7am waiting for Max to mark every single tree in the neighborhood so that his mama bear could start work to earn money for his bones/toys/home schooling. I then thought wouldn’t it be great to be back in Spain in hot weather, sitting at a table eating tapas. [I went there a year ago to Madrid (great shoes), Barcelona (got flashed by a transvestite prostitute – don’t ask), Menorca (all the island’s hotels were booked. Nearly had to stay at airport), and Ibizia (went to the biggest night club in the world. Bought one 20 dollar beer. Went back to hostel)]

As I cannot fly to Spain today, I thought the next best thing to do is switch on my portable heater, buy 200 grams of organic cured meat from Whole foods, and drink strong black coffee. Today I am so grateful for my Spanish style lunch. And Max is grateful for the meat I accidentally dropped on the floor.


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