Day 64 – My “is this pizza or tacos” tacos

When working from home the following can happen:

1) You start cleaning a lot.

2) You sing to avoid the sound of absolute silence.

3) You think you are the best cook in the world and try and use all the ingredients in your fridge to create masterpieces like peanut butter, guacamole and beef sandwiches.

4) Your hair starts to look like Tom Hanks’ in the movie Cast Away.

5) You begin to believe in things like astral projection and having a psychic connection with your dog.

Unfortunately everything except number 1 happened to me. Here are my “is this pizza or taco” tacos.

I have no idea what I am making but here it is:

1) Get 4 corn tortillas

1b) Squeeze a little balsamic glaze on each tortilla in a way that makes it look artistic.

2) Add Daiya vegan Cheese.

Vegan Cheese

3) Add vegeterian bacon. Tear with hands.

4) Place oddly cut tomatoes onto tortillas.

5) Place in oven under 430 degrees for 10 mins.

6) Stretch your legs

White Maltese legs out

7) Add a little guacamole and eat

Half eaten vegan taco

I have to say that tasted pretty damn good!

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