Day 62 – Holding a WOMA PYTHON HOLLA

I have been known to have a short attention span. My friend went to the washroom at the Cloverdale rodeo. I was standing by a coffee counter when she left me. When she came out 3 mins later, I was doing this:

wolma python

Holding a rescued woma python that was from Australia. I originally thought the snake was called WILMA hence the reason why I held it, as something called Wilma can’t be dangerous. I now realize the snake is actually called a WOMA PYTHON and realize I put myself in potential danger.

BUT ON THE REAL, snakes are pretty freakin’ cute. It felt super soft and cuddly, and I swear at one point it looked at me lovingly. And I can’t really explain the way it feels until you hold it. Before I assumed it would be the worst feeling in the world. Hence why I immediately ran to hold it.

The guy who owns this non profit company is great. He keeps rescued snakes and reptiles from homes who couldn’t handle the commitment. Check his site out at

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