Day 60 – Hot Yoga at the Chopra Yoga Center Vancouver

I tip toed into the class late, fully clothed from head to toe like I was entering a snowball fight in Saskatchewan. Everyone else was semi naked wearing bare essentials. I then realized I was wearing the same amount of clothing as everyone in the room put together. Pretending not to notice this, I put down my broken iPhone on the ground and started my first ever class of hot yoga at the Chopra Yoga Center, Vancouver….

What I learned from hot yoga:

  • I want to heat up my apartment to 40 degrees. My room mate does not want to do this.
  • Do not take an iPhone to hot yoga when its screen is already cracked. The screen protector will fall off and when you text you will get chards of glass in your finger. Also buy this iphone case so you can go snorkeling with your iphone while using it to take videos.

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