Day 59 – Garmin Nuvi GPS System

It has been said that I have the sense of direction of a migratory eagle. A migratory eagle that has been blindfolded, spun around in a circle, and has been forced to play piñata after 8 tequila shots. Others may just say I have a horrendous sense of direction.

It is so bad that I have been known to get lost in nightclubs. One day after an hour of searching for my friend in a small club that I have been to 7 times before, I finally found her and asked her why she had moved and she said, “Aisha I have been waiting here for you where you told me to the entire time. I thought you had been kidnapped and sold into slavery. I got the staff to look for you while you were gone.” This was my first clue that my sense of direction was less than par.

Another day, on my first day of work for an online magazine, I was working at my boss’s home office. After refilling my water bottle in the kitchen where my boss was talking to me about something, I went back into the office whilst still talking to my boss. I then realized I had actually gone into her bedroom not her office whilst she watched me from the kitchen. Luckily she laughed. Embarrassed and dismayed I wondered if Aisha would ever find her way in this game called LIFE.

BUT THEN ONE DAY my dad bought me this HOLLA


A GPS SYSTEM BITCHES. It even has pedestrian mode. I can’t tell you how much time this bundle of joy has saved me. I now just have to find something that will work in a nightclub or house….

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