Day 58 – Movie Theatre Popcorn (vs. Brazilian Popcorn)

burnt, popcorn

Recently when I was listening to my favourite podcast, The Jillian Michael’s Show (it’s freakin hilarious!), I heard that some food containers such as microwave popcorn bags leak carcinogenic liquids onto the product. I therefore went running to my nearest Winner’s store and bought a stainless steel saucepan to make popcorn from scratch. This is what happened:

1) Bought $25, stainless steel saucepan (also bought dog poo bags – just so you know Winner’s has a fabulous deal on these).

2) Went home. Put a dash of oil in the saucepan. Added organic popcorn kernels.

3) Waited two minutes.

4) Burnt entire saucepan.

5) Threw saucepan away.

As the definition of insanity is trying the same approach over and over and expecting different result,  I decided to buy microwave popcorn that is free of this chemical. I have no idea what the chemical name is and noticed Wholefoods had microwave popcorn that was free of something, so I bought it. This is what happened.

1) Put microwave popcorn in microwave for 4 mins as per instructions.

2) Put on sound blocking headphones. Continued to work.

3) Took off sound blocking headphones.

4) Opened microwave to clouds of smoke.

5) Poor room mate (who has a super bad cold) had to evacuate apartment onto balcony.

6) Smoking popcorn bag had to be also thrown on balcony.

7) I sprayed an air freshener called Brazil in my apartment.

8) My apartment smells like what burnt popcorn would smell like in Brazil. This is not a good smell. (Anyone out there from Brazil? I am going there next year. Give me some travel tips/places to go 😉  )

Moral of the story – I love cinema popcorn. So simple, yet so effective. LEghoooooooo.

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