Day 57 – Me PARSLEY and BANANA smoothie

smoothie vitamix parsley banana

I decided to make a Vitamix smoothie today. I used the following ingredients:

Bunch of Parsley

6 Dandelion Leaves

5 Strawberries

2 Leaves of Kale

A half lime

A glass of Water

A dash of love

A half cucumber

You may ask how can such strange ingredients taste like the nectar of the gods? The answer is, they don’t. It actually tasted a little horrendous. Sorta like a margarita that had been diluted and left out in the sun. BUT then I added a scoop of Vanilla Vega Powder, and some stevia and it tasted freakin amazing. It somehow ended up tasting like a banana smoothie despite the fact I didn’t add a banana. HOLLA my banana and parsley smoothie.


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