Day 54 – The Stock Market


I realized yesterday that I would be a great candidate to play the stock market due to the following:

1) I have a degree in business.

2) I love wearing hair gel like many people in Wall Street.

3) Facebook are selling shares. The word Facebook (check this stock prediction about FB) is less scarey than the word NASDAQ. And what does Facebook spell backwards? koobecaF. Exactly.

All of these reasons led me to buy the book The Teenage Investor. I was extremely thrilled to buy a book written by an experienced, mature gentleman who would give a wealth of knowledge in layman terms to a regular person such as myself.

From this book I have learnt the following:

1) The Dow Jones Industrial average is the average stock listing of 30 blue chip companies such as Disney, Walmart etc.

2) I need reading glasses.

3) The book was actually written by a 13 year old hence the name The Teenage Investor.

This book is actually really well written, super easy to understand, and I am excited to read the rest of it. He has been trading since he was 8 years old and is already making in the 100s of thousands.

3 thoughts on “Day 54 – The Stock Market

  1. This is so timely, Aisha! I’ve been wanting to learn more about playing the stock market for some time, but nothing (that I’ve found in my not-so-thorough exploration) seems to bridge the gap between knowing nothing and knowing enough to understand the info out there. I’m going to put a hold on this book right now! And P.S. Your blog rocks! xo

    • Aw thanks mate!! That makes me really happy 🙂 It did take me ages to find this book at Chapters and I nearly gave up because the other books scared me so much ha. How have you been! What are you doing nowadays?

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