Day 41 – Seeing your dog wearing an item of your clothing that he put on himself without your help….

It was a normal Monday in Vancouver. It was raining, people smiled at me on the street, I talked to some Canadians about canoeing, I debated in my head whether I should be buying Lululemon yoga clothing, and then when I walked into my lounge, no joke, I saw my dog like this:


(I had to take this quickly to catch the moment, hence the fuzziness….)

Wearing my roommate’s head band as if that ain’t sh*t. He seemed extremely normal and perhaps a little happy that his bangs weren’t in his face. BUT NO JOKE how the hec did he get this on him??? My room mate was in her room that morning and seemed a little disgusted my dog was wearing her headband. I know she had left it on the couch but how he got it on his head is a mystery.

Max I wonder what else of my roommate’s stuff you wear when she is gone. We have started hiding our dresses with animal prints on them….

But really this made me laugh for hours.

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