Day 32 – Tennis of the table

I love tables and I love tennis. This led to my natural progression into table tennis. It is quite a popular sport in England however since moving to Vancouver it was hard for me to find a place to play. I managed to join a club which seemed to be populated by 10 year old boys according to my swift observations. My teacher didn’t speak English but someone translated for him and said he was surprised I am so good. After the class I really wanted to say thank you to the kind 75 year old man who taught me to improve my game. My Korean friend told me he knew a few words in Cantonese and he knew how to say thank you so I repeated what my friend told me to my teacher while shaking his hand and looking deep into his eyes with gratitude. After not receiving a response from the teacher and hearing my friend laughing hysterically, I realized what I had actually said to the teacher was: “I love you.” Needless to say the instructor didn’t seem to feel the same way by his reaction. After finding out the real way to say “thank you” and also “sorry my friend told me to say that”, I went on my way to continue my journey into table tennis stardom. Thank you table tennis instructor.


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