Day 30 – People who are stronger than me

So today I was at the gym and noticed a petite lady who was lifting heavier weights than I can and I thought to myself that’s cool that smaller people are stronger than me. I then realized when the little lady turned around it was in fact an eight year old boy. An eight year old boy who is stronger than me. This caused me to rethink my life and body strength as I can only carry the equivalent of a dehydrated grapefruit and this child looked like he can carry a butterfly door (stun stunting is a habit). I therefore thought to myself I should train to be able to carry 5lb dumbbells like this boy, but then I read this piece Adina sent me:


So it dawned on me, why not set my goals higher and aim to be able to do a push up by my birthday on Sept 27th. And not a little lady push up, but a MAN push up.

I have heard it is good to tell people to keep yourself accountable to your goals. I therefore announce this to the world.

Let me know what you think…


4 thoughts on “Day 30 – People who are stronger than me

  1. Haha that’s awesome. You can totally do that!…in fact maybe your goal should be to do like 8 push-ups…one for every year of that boy’s life lol
    …or possibly one for every year of your life?

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