Day 26 – ADINA DRAGASANU on OPRAHHHHHHH (try putting that into Siri – go on I dare you)

You may ask who is Adina Dragasanu? I ask who isn’t she. She is the equivalent of a Nas concert mixed with a marathon, a female/shorter version of Anthony Robbins mixed with a shopping spree in Vegas, a Vitamix chai tea latte maker mixed with well u can’t mix anything with that as Vitamix recipies have to be made very carefully and one of my best buddy’s.

She can answer my varied questions to life such as:

Why are we here? Can you teach me how to dougie? Why did Max pee in my dad’s basement?

(Answers are: To feel Joy/No/Because he can) 

Adina can make anything in life happen so this week I was delighted to see her on……..THE FREAKIN OPRAH SHOW IN THE FRONT ROW BRAP BRAP BRAP. She was sitting about a meter away from Anthony Robbins who she’s always wanted to see. Adina you prove anything in life is possible. DO YOUR THANG GIRL. (She is the one to the far left).



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