Day 23 – Meeting the cast of MTV’S THE BURIED LIFE!!!!!! LEGHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

You may or may not know I LOVE the show The Buried Life. It’s about 4 guys from UVIC who have a 100 things they want to do before they die. These things include the most random things like going to south central LA and entering a Krump competition (seems like something I would do), entering a MMA fight, asking out Meghan Fox, playing B-ball with OBAMA etc. AND the most awesome thing is they got to do all these things!!!

So I was thrilled when I found out they were doing a book signing in Vancouver. So me and about 100 teenage girls got to ask them questions and get our books signed. They were SUPER nice and I told Duncan (the blonde one in the picture below) that their episode about entering a krump competiton inspired me to enter into a Redbull DJing competition which scared the Bajeezas out of me but I did it anyway because of their show. (Yes Bajeezas with a capital B). They are such humble, funny, genuinely nice guys. I am so proud they are from BC!

Here are some pics from Yesterday!!!!!!!! Thanks to the nice young lady behind me who took the photo!

CONGRATS TO THE BURIED LIFE FOR MAKING IT NUMBER 1 ON THE NEW TIMES BEST SELLERS LIST!!! I can’t wait to do all the things on my list coz of you guys!

(You can stream episodes here from MTV

2 thoughts on “Day 23 – Meeting the cast of MTV’S THE BURIED LIFE!!!!!! LEGHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  1. Aisha your blog is so awesome, always makes me smile! I have heard of these guys but have never seen the show. I should give it a watch!

    • Aww thanks bud that really means a lot to me!!!!!
      Yeah dude totally watch it. I actually saw it in London. It’s so inspiring and they are so cool. AND THEY WEAR AMAZING HIGH TOPS.

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