Day 22 – Apartment smelling of urine

The answer is yes. Yes, one day when I came home my apartment smelt like urine. The truth is out. At first I thought it was the smell of a Vitamix smoothie my roommate had made (our smoothies are either amazing or atrocious), but after further investigation I realized it was coming from this.


The fake fire hydrant and grass my good friends Bal and Jess bought for me. You may ask why did my roommate use this area to urinate in when we have two washrooms in the apartment, the answer is she didn’t. Max peed there as this is an indoor pee pad for dogs. I have had this for about a month, and Max never touched it apart from this one momentous occasion. Max I salute you for your ability to know how to pee on fake grass and a fake fire hydrant vs. sleeping on the pee pad I bought you in London. I hope you continue to do this for years to come. Thank you pee pads of the world, and again Jess and Bal. You made it in the blog again BRAP BRAP.


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