Day 14 – Poo pants

My friend Jenn invited me over to make a gingerbread house during Christmas. We ran earnestly from her house to the nearest grocery store (when I say ran I mean drove) and we were torn to find out all the kits were sold. We therefore picked up naked gingerbread men and bought pick n mix to fully clothe them for the stern winter. I invented a new item of clothing called “poo pants” for my gingerbread man as per this photo below.

Gingerbread man

My friends Alex and Jenn joked that there was no such thing as poo pants. I admitted they were correct but on the inside I still believed. Next week Max went for a run in the snow and the following occurred.


Real life poo pants.

I have no idea how the snow stuck to Max like this…and I don’t want to know. But all I know is next year I am going to stick 100 dollar bills to my gingerbread man and see what happens to Max. Today I am grateful for the day I decorated my first gingerbread man thanks to Alex and Jenn. (I am British. We don’t do that there).


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